• Here are your quiz results!

    Thanks so much for taking the Who’s Fault is it Anyway Quiz and more importantly recognizing you may be stuck and looking for solutions. That tells me you care about yourself and want more in your life than what you presently have.


    Based on the way you answered the questions in the quiz it seems you may over identify with a victim state. You may see one person as “wrong” and the other as “right” or oppressed and oppressor.


    The reality is that situations just “are” and we co-create the life we have. This is not to place blame or shame or to condone bad behaviour it’s about getting to a place of neutrality - this happened and then this happened. They did this and I did that.


    Often we think that if we accept the fact that we co-created an event we will lose but the reality is the opposite happens we honour ourselves by being honest and we honour the other person by not blaming them and it is in this place that we grow and find solutions.

    I want to thank you for your courage of considering the possibility that this is not all “their fault” and I would be honoured to have you join our private facebook community where we will have Domino Effect challenges that help us step into our worthiness, one act at a time. There will be other like minded people in the group on the same quest - to boost our own worthiness, understand how we co-create our life so that we can step out of a victim state and into a freedom state.

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