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  • #MyPart

    Through real life examples Alison offers her audiences opportunities to suspend their belief, consider the opposite so that they can proceed with perspective in their lives. It is in taking the time to consider #mypart in our decisions that we can really be accountable for the outcomes. Let’s face the fact that it is easy to be a victim, what we need to do is to move past this state and take control of our lives.

  • The Devil is in The Decision - or Lack of Decision

    Have you ever found yourself in a position and not know how you got there? Chances are you picked choice A over B without even knowing you were making a decision. We think that simply because we are human we know how to make decisions, but that is not the case. Decision making, like everything else is a skill to learn and develop. We live in a busy world with so much information coming at us in so many ways, that we feel like all we can do is react and have become so adept at it we don’t even know we are doing it. Alison offers a method to simplify the process to get closer to the results we want.

  • How Being on Welfare Made Me a Better Business Owner

    There are lessons in all that we do, but often the best lessons are those that hit the hardest. Alison, as a single mother, found herself back on welfare after her boyfriend passed away after a battle with drug addiction. She started her business in a desperate attempt to just put food on the table. Little did she know that it would turn into a business that gave her a life many only dream of and you can do it too! Use the information you have, the lessons you learned and couple it with a system to make decisions and you too can create a life that is uniquely yours.

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