• You have TWO choices

    Choice #1

    Do nothing... keep making the same choices over and over again expecting different results

    Choice #2

    Start taking responsibility for your happiness and own your choices

  • the ONLY way to own your life is to Reclaim Your Worth

    and this program will show you how.

    ...but you have to decide

  • Our Pricing

    See below to determine which option will be the best fit for you to Reclaim Your Worth

    Self Guided

    For individual users


    lifetime access

    The Reclaim Your Worth

    8-week program

    • #MyPart 18 Principles

    • Resources to help you on your journey

    • Reclaim Your Worth Reminders

    • Private Facebook Community

    • A safe and supportive environment


    Do It Together

    For a group setting


    lifetime access

    Everything in the

    Self Guided... PLUS

    • GROUP CALLS - one hour a week for 8 weeks

    • RECORDINGS - access to the recorded calls to refer back to

    • EMAIL SUPPORT - unlimited email support during the 8 week program

    One On One

    For personalized help


    lifetime access

    Everything in the Self Guided... PLUS

    • ONE ON ONE CALLS - one hour a week for 8 weeks with just us

    • RECORDINGS - of one on one calls

    • EMAIL SUPPORT - unlimited email support during the 8 week program

  • ...you have to want it for yourself

    The Reclaim Your Worth Program is not for everyone.

    Not everyone is willing to do the work.

    Reflect on these statements truthfully...

    You're So Used To Feeling "Less-Than", Inadequate And Inferior

    That It's Become Normal For You - Can't Imagine Life Any Other Way.

    When You're Truly Honest, You Seek Other People's Validation

    Before You Can Believe In Yourself.

    You See Others Seemingly Gliding Through Life,

    But For You, Each Day Is A Constant Uphill Struggle

    And You're Tired. So Tired.

    You Rely On A "Significant Other" To Make You Feel Whole And Now They're Gone,

    You Don't Know Who You Are Anymore.

  • If any of these statements apply to you know that there is a solution and it lies in

    Reclaiming Your Worth.

    If you're still reading, you're in the right place, because it's time to make changes.

    Your story is unique, and your way of viewing the world has been shaped through years of experiences - both good and bad.

    Betrayal, separation, divorce (and numerous other traumas) leave us fundamentally altered, but staying where you are is no longer an option.

    I'll say it again, because you need to hear it...


    It's time to honour yourself with the love you share so generously with your friends and family, because you too deserve the level of kindness you'd offer someone close to you. 

  • What People Say

    "I took Reclaim Your Worth and I found that I explored the different facets of feeling like a victim in this and it really helped me realize that I have power over this. I can make the choice. So thank you very much Alison for a great program and I look forward to sharing it with the world for you."


    Kate Turza

    "I am no longer feeling or thinking like a victim and I am able to make the decision to take responsibility for my actions and make better choices. I would recommend Reclaim Your Worth Program to anyone who is ready to take action to make change in their lives."


    Vanessa Bush

    "Alison is great. The thing that I appreciated most is how tiny the steps are, and how simple Alison has made it. It wasn't at all overwhelming to go through. I would recommend the program especially for people who haven't done a lot of deep work before, because Alison makes it so simple."


    Dorothy Kuhn

  • What are you waiting for?

    you can keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you have got


    You can do something about it...