• Have you tried other things to improve your life and nothing happened? The reason other programs don’t work is because they don’t deal with the base of your foundation

    Your relationship to your worthiness.


    Until we know where our worth is coming from we cannot heal, we cannot make better choices going forward and we cannot own our life. The ONLY way to create a better future is to Reclaim Your Worth and this program will show you how

  • The Reclaim Your Worth Program is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to do the work.


    Transformation Comes From Discomfort


    So I want you to consider these statements truthfully...Let me know if this sounds familiar:

    When You’re Truly Honest, You Seek Other People’s Validation Before You Can Believe In Yourself.

    You Rely On A “Significant Other” To Make You Feel Whole - And Now They’re Gone, You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore.

    You’re So Used To Feeling “Less-Than”, Inadequate And Inferior That It’s Become Normal For You - You Can’t Imagine Life Any Other Way.

    You See Others Seemingly Gliding Through Life, But For You, Each Day Is A Constant Uphill Struggle - And You’re Tired. So Tired.

    If you’re still reading, you’re in the right place. Because it’s time to make changes.


    Your story is unique, and your way of viewing the world has been shaped through years of experiences - both good and bad.


    Betrayal, separation, divorce (and numerous other traumas) leave us fundamentally altered, but staying where you are is no longer an option.

    I’ll say it again, because you need to hear it…YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE.


    It’s time to honour yourself with the love you share so generously with your friends and family, because you too deserve the level of kindness you’d offer someone close to you.







  • How Does Reclaim Your Worth Work?


    Reclaim Your Worth Is An Eight Week Intensive Program To Guide You Out Of Darkness And Into Light - Whatever That Looks Like For You


    A judgement-free space, where you’ll be supported with videos, worksheets, PDFs and private fb group to help you look within and make changes to transform your view of yourself and the world.


    Before we go any further, let’s be clear: You have no way of knowing how worthiness works, it’s not taught and it’s certainly not talked about.


    Society programs us to doubt ourselves.


    Change is uncomfortable and this simple system will make it manageable for your to incorporate into your life and create the life you want based on the value you place on yourself.

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