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    Because YOU Deserve to Be Free

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    The purpose of this course is to allow you to recognize when you are in Victim State so that you can explore how to move into Freedom State. At the end of the #MyPart Course you will have the tools to apply to your life going forward so that you can live in your worthiness and spend most of your time in Freedom State.

  • It sucks living a life...

    • Where we feel like a victim all the time
    • Where other people’s choices and beliefs impact our lives 
    • When we feel like life is happening to us not as a result of us 
    • When we believe the world that we have no worth
    • We are always being “triggered” by something
    ( I know. I have been there)

    #MyPart Course addresses all this and provides tools to escape this type of existence and move into

    • A life that is ours and independent of another person’s influence
    • Freedom State existence
    • Neutrality
    • Confidence that comes from worthiness
    • Space to explore what we believe not what someone else has told us to believe 
    • Peace 
  • Regular course price is $1295, but for the first 10 people

    (this is not a gimmick, it’s truth!),

    the #MyPart Course is only $323.75!

    - That's 75% off!

    In addition, you will get a bonus gift of the #MyPart Game (valued at $35) so you can play it with people who matter most to you

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