• What is Time to Talk About?

  • When we started talking about #MyPart – moving from victim state to freedom state by embracing our internal worth and how we co-create almost everything in our lives – we found that people had a hard time separating their feelings about their victim status and their part in their situation.


    Our solution was to create a game so that people can practice without the pesky negative self talk and often enflamed feelings attached to any given situation.


    In this card game you are given random scenarios. You then create a profile for the person who is the star in the scenario, discuss how they feel like a victim, what their part was in the scenario and what life looks like after they have awareness and stop being a victim.


    We welcome you to play this game with your family at dinner, with friends at a party, at a workshop with your staff or in any other manner that best serves you.


    Whenever we can connect with our internal worth is a win and this game is a tool to help you win.

  • How to Play?

  • Time to Talk #MyPart Game

    Time to Talk #MyPart Game

    Time to Talk is used to provide neutral scenarios, so that we can explore why a person would feel like a victim, how they co-created the scenario, and what life would look like when worthiness is boosted and ownership is claimed. By practising on neutral scenarios where our emotions are not involved, we can better apply the thought process to our own real life scenario and reclaim our own worthiness.
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