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    What does owning a business in the trades, writing an international best selling business book, creating a colour selection system and advocating for internal worthiness have in common?


    Alison Donaghey!

    It took a while for Alison to understand the thread that runs through all of it and that is happiness in carving your path. Are you happy in your home, work, personal life? If not, Alison can help and it starts with not letting other people decide who you are!

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    Alison Donaghey is an international best-selling author, successful entrepreneur since 2000, and host of a popular online radio show turned podcast. Known for challenging people to reflect on new points of view; Alison has always had a natural gift to be able to hold space for both sides of a conversation without bias, judgment or opinions. She has started a movement and is proving that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

    Alison has overcome numerous personal and professional roadblocks in her life. Thankfully, her unique outlook has ensured that she used those hurdles to uplift herself and others while encouraging everyone involved to Think Opposite. Her belief is that thoughts and perspectives on anything and everything (from Government, law, business, relationships, or just life in general) that go unexamined are toxic.

    At 20, Alison was a single mother whose main concern was making enough money to keep a roof over their heads and food in the fridge. It was that moment that she knew she needed to change in order to get ahead in life for her young son and herself. This inspired decision lead her to University, pursuing a criminology degree. Even though the time away from her son was challenging, Alison knew that her hard work would pay off down the road.

    During her studies, Alison noticed that her way of thinking seemed to differ from the “norm”, and she began to see the world in a different light. This sparked a shift in her studies to social work. She swiftly recognized that the rigid ideals of that industry were also not lining up with her perspectives. Then fate stepped in.

    While pursuing her education, Alison met a man who introduced her to the world of painting. The idea of being able to make more money and spend more time with her son was appealing, so Alison dropped out of school and learned the art of residential and commercial painting. Their relationship progressed into romance, but ended in tragedy soon after when he passed suddenly. With a broken heart and credit card debt, she struggled to figure out her next move. She decided to take her love of painting and throw caution to the wind! This is when Sonshine Girls Painting was born.

    Within a few months, her business was booming! Her keys to success were empowering her staff and being able to communicate and understand her clients’ needs. In 2001, Alison returned to University and within a year she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double minor in psychology and sociology.

    As the recession hit, Alison needed to ensure her business survived for herself, her family, and her employees. This was the point when she recognized that her ability to think about every situation critically was what set her apart from the rest.

    From there, Alison was invited to speak at an event about her business success. It was during this event that she truly realized that she had so much more to offer. Her second business Domino Thinking was born. Armed with a vision, she set out to teach people how to have the ability to anticipate potential outcomes by looking at every situation differently. Alison went on to write an international best-selling book called, “Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business and Change the World.” Which opened the door for Alison to extend her message to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and coaches about the power of critical thinking.


    Using The Domino Effect Decision Matrix, she has started healing the world. To help reach even more people, Alison created a weekly podcast, “Domino Thinking”. She speaks to guests who challenge the views of her listeners and offer different perspectives on countless topics. Through this podcast, Alison aims to encourage people to confront their current way of thinking and consider different viewpoints.

    Today, the #MyPart movement is helping the world defy their belief systems around victims and victimizers, oppressed and oppressor. Alison is helping the world move towards a place of empowerment by helping people see the true value of everyone and placing themselves as part of humanity, rather than being divided. She is igniting curiosity in people to think about the mental constructs they have built within their lives but have not stopped to question.

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  • Interview Q's

    Topic: Social Issues

    1. Tell me about #MyPart.

    2. How do we get to a place of neutrality so that we can have conversations with people who we disagree?

    3. What is worthiness and why does it matter so much?

    4. How have you navigated understanding the world better?

    5. What is the relationship between worth and victim state?

    Topic: Podcasting

    1. How did you get started in podcasting?

    2. How does podcasting impact your world view?

    3. What are some of your fave guests?

    4. Who would you want on your show?

    5. How does your podcast address issues?

    Topic: Business

    1. How did you get started in business?

    2. Why do you love business?

    3. Tell me about your book Think Opposite.

    4. What do you think is missing in most businesses?

    5. Talk about employer v. Employee.

    Topic: MyPart

    1. How did #MyPart start?

    2. Can you give an example of how your worthiness loop has worked for someone in their life?

    3. Can you tell me more about the #MyPart Program you are offering?

    4. What is the relationship between emotion and beliefs?

    5. How do we make choices and what is the impact of that?

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