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Your Inner Critic Loves You

with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

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Your Inner Critic Loves You with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

OMG Marie-Elizabeth is such cool person and I am so honoured to call her a friend. When I look at how she shows up and her amazing relationship with her partner Patrick I just know I have so much I can learn and incorporate in her teachings.

  • How does your culture impact your life and interactions?
  • Do you modify who you are, to fit in?
  • Do you see how people show up (both the loud and the quiet people)?
  • Do you kill the inner critic or love it?
  • All the voices in your head come from love (hard to believe but true!)
  • How do you reframe the voice in your head to appreciate rather than hate them?
  • There are 4 A’s to move from a love triangle to a circle
  • There is a conductor (leader) in your head and there are the instruments (voices)  - are too many of your voices running with a solo when they should be in harmony or staying quiet when it’s time for a solo?

Marie-Elizabeth Mali is a Relationship Artist who shows creatives how to weave together their two loves, their craft and their partner, so they can shift from feeling like they’re stuck in a love triangle that can’t be solved to living in a love circle that works. Marie-Elizabeth is also a published poet with an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks.

Check her out here (and get a free gift too!).

Our challenge to you...

Where do you have hard edges? What does soften mean to you? Is soften a strength or a weakness?

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