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Your Dog's Problem is YOU

with Cameron Thompsen

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Your Dog's Problem is YOU with Cameron Thompsen

I am thinking the universe has been preparing me for the new puppy I adopted. I just realized while talking with Cameron, that I have interviewed several dog people this year on my podcast. Each with different perspectives and insights that is coming in pretty handy with my new pooch that I didn’t even know I was getting until recently! Cameron Thompsen did not disappoint me and gave some really great insights on pups and their humans! There may be hope for me yet!

  • What in your life have you attracted (I’m not just talking about the good stuff!)
  • What situations have you entered into with ignorance and ego and how has that turned out for you?
  • Can you accurately describe your “problem” There are many layers which makes this hard.
  • Are you grounded enough to adopt a pet?
  • Did you know your dog, if you pay attention, can make you better at relationships?
  • What mirror is your pet holding up for you?
  • Do you see your challenges as opportunities to grow or to complain?

Cameron Thompsen is the President and Founder of Hope2K9 Foundation, the "anti-rescue rescue," whose mission is to help KEEP dogs IN their homes, and out of shelters and rescues, or unnecessarily euthanized. Cameron is also a sought-after process coach, specializing in leadership development and purpose identification for an international clientele.

You can reach her to talk dog here or if you want coaching catch her here.

Take note of how it impacts your self worth?

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