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You Don’t Quit Your Job You Quit Management

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I heard a guy say this the other day when explaining that while he loved his job, he hated his managers. He could no longer stay in a job he loved when he was being treated the way he was treated by management.

I thought about this quite a bit since hearing him say that. Mostly, I felt sad. Sad that this man had to leave a job he loved. I was also sad that this particular business was going through staff like water, because they couldn’t see the damage their management was causing, or they could see the damage and did nothing to correct it.

It is amazing how a company will keep a bad seed and lose good staff, rather than just getting rid of the bad seed. I think that is a shame for many reasons:

  • Paying someone to sabotage your business is never a wise business move.
  • Training new staff is expensive.
  • The damage to your reputation is extremely hard to repair.
  • Keeping someone in your company that is obviously unhappy is unfair to that person too. Keeping them chained to a situation that makes them miserable enough to sabotage you means you are contributing to their misery and that’s not ok. Set them free to actually get a life that makes them happy.
  • Eventually word will get around that you are a terrible place to work and you wont even be able to find staff to hire

Love your business enough to hire staff that are amazing. Love your staff enough to fire staff that makes their lives miserable. Choose your business because your business is your tool to change the world.

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