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You Can Choose Your Destiny

with Ariann Thomas

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You Can Choose Your Destiny with Ariann Thomas

Despite the technical difficulties we had trying to make this interview happen… it still happened and I am so glad it did Ariann Thomas was truly a delight to speak with and I enjoyed hearing about her journey.

  • Have you been judged by your siblings?
  • Did the harm others do to you intentional or were they just doing the best they could with the tools that they had?
  • What is the difference between excuse and fact?
  • Did you become someone other than who you wanted to be?
  • Are you judging yourself because you should be happy and might not be?
  • Are you looking for answers outside of yourself?
  • Did you past allow your present to happen?
  • Can you choose happy?

Ariann Thomas had a successful life and achieved the "American Dream" with a great career, owned her own home, had a sterling reputation, a new marriage and a great bank account. She was also suicidal depressed, overworked, and over-stressed. Her health collapsed to the extent that within 2 weeks, the doctors sent her home from the hospital saying--you will die.

Today Ariann helps people with ancestral clearings and you can reach her here.

And as Ariann said… “You heal yourself you heal the world.”

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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