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You Are Not Your Thoughts and Feelings

with Melinda Broadstone

· Show Summary

You Are Not Your Thoughts and Feelings with Melinda Broadstone

What a terrific and kindred spirit I found in Melinda. She shared her story of moving from a victim space in her marriage and through some unexpected events grasped that she was not living the life that was best serving her and she made different choices and moved into a freedom state.

  • Are you denying who you were as a child? It’s still inside you.
  • Have you decided yet to be the best person you can be?
  • You are not your mind, thoughts or emotion
  • Are your emotions controlling you?
  • How are you dimming your light?
  • What are your emotions telling you?
  • What can you do that sets a new standard for yourself?
  • Can you set aside expectation?
  • Are you happy to be alive?
  • Forgiveness is a gift to self = letting go
  • Story telling is a slippery slope

Melinda is a science and spirituality geek who loves solving problems and helping people turn their pain and suffering into peace of mind, presence and productivity so they can be seen, heard and make an impact in the world. To connect with Melinda and find out more click here.

She has a free gift for you and it is available here!

My challenge to you...

You can listen to the full episode here:

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