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You Are Not F*cking Broken!

With Therese Skelly

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You are not F*cking broken! With Therese Skelly

YAY.. this is right up my ally.. talking about victimhood and how we are ok simply because we are miraculous and being here is all the evidence we need to know we have inherent worth. Talking more about how you are not f*cking broken!

  • What parts of your past are you using to define you?
  • Can you bless your bad?
  • Life is happening for you not to you. Can you believe that? 
  • Victimization, victim and victimhood
  • Avoid drama bonds and why they hold you back.
  • What are your story loops?
  • If your trauma even yours?

As in the wise words of Therese “is your life by default or design?”

Therese Skelly is a master of mindset. She helps her clients become "Fierce AF" and is a great blend of kick-ass coaching and mama bear wisdom. She works with people to help grow themselves and create business that make them happy. (Also interesting that she comes from the background of being a psychotherapist, business coach, and was even a prison guard at one point!).

Reach out to Therese here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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