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You Are More Than Enough with Simone Knego

I’ve been looking forward to having Simone as a guest on my show as our message about worthiness is so aligned.

  • Most important – You Matter
  • You are the accumulation of your journey.
  • Do you stress about things you cannot control?
  • How do you view those crazy times in your life?
  • Do your circumstances stop you?
  • Do you reduce yourself to “just”? just a mom, just a banker, just a son?
  • What if… who you are is perfectly you?

Simone Knego, author of The Extraordinary Unordinary, is a wife, mother to six children (and three dogs), and a serial entrepreneur. Constantly searching for balance in her happily unbalanced life, she splits her time between her family, businesses and personal growth. With her new book, she hopes to inspire you to embrace life's ups and downs and realize the impact you're making on the world.

Find out more about her here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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