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Women Be Women!

with Shirley Baldwin-Owens

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Women Be Women with Shirley Baldwin-Owens

Such an important conversation with Shirley about the importance of showing up as women (unless we are men in which case this doesn’t apply!). I long for the day when we are just so comfortable being who we are in a way that feels utterly amazing and stop trying to be who society tells us to be. After all, following the rules of feminists today is really not that different than following the rules from the past on how to be a good and obedient wife. Don’t let someone else decide who you are. We talked about:

  • Feminists are masculine
  • Where are your choices overflowing into another’s life and is it healthy?
  • Feminism is a distraction from our power?
  • Ask yourself “who am I in this relationship?”
  • Doing vs. being
  • Seek to understand but more importantly accept
  • We have roles

Shirley Baldwin-Owens is a Best Selling Author and Relationship Coach. Over the past 15 years, her clients have included MLB players, celebrities, children, women in transition, and couples. Shirley loves empowering individuals to look inside themselves. In her book, Get What You Want from Your Man, Shirley speaks directly to women. She has a passion for inspiring women to embrace their feminine and to use that energy to create anything they want in their relationships.

AND… you can take Shirley’s quiz to see if you are getting what you want from your man!

Check out her website here and find her book here.

My challenge to you this week...

When we decide something is right it makes everyone else wrong who disagrees... what if everything just is?

You can listen to the full episode here:

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