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Will Your Grandchildren Be Proud of You?

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I hear a lot about how men have treated women so poorly in the past I wonder if this new way of treating men isn’t worse.

While I don’t agree with how women were treated, men treated women the way they did because at the time it was normal. Societal laws dictated that women couldn’t vote and were the property of men and that was, by todays standards wrong, but at the time… it was normal.

I am super happy that has changed and grateful that I am able to vote, own my house and write something like this. What I am not happy about is how the tables have turned against men and I think we are more guilty than the men of the past for our behaviour because we should know better. I am tired of talking to men who no longer know their place or what is acceptable or not (and let’s face it women don’t even agree on what is acceptable so how can men know?). I am tired of talking to women who think it’s acceptable to keep men dancing on one leg, to change the rules as they see fit and to blame men for all their problems. We know better, but we aren’t doing better.

We know what it’s Iike to be looked down upon. We know what it’s like to be treated like second class citizens and yet I see a movement towards treating men the way we fought to not be treated and I don’t like it. I do not want to be a part of that wave of feminism.

I want men and women to Iive in this world together. Understanding that we are not the same and yet honour and celebrate the differences. I dream of a world where who we sleep with, what we look like naked, how we identify and how we choose to live our life is no one's business or concern. I believe this is possible. I know we can do better. I want to make choices today that when our grandchildren look back at this time in history they can be proud of the way we treated each other.

Will your grandchildren be proud of you?

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