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Why Men Need to Stop Chasing Women

with Steve Horsmon

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Why Men Should Stop Chasing Women with Steve Horsmon

I am finding it more and more interesting talking with men about men. Steve Horsmon is no exception! What a great and insightful time I spent with him talking about the challenges facing men and what to do about it. We talked about:

  • Death by Female
  • Insecurity, fear and shame
  • Empathy is the antidote for shame
  • Are women now the oppressors?
  • Pursuing vs chasing
  • Fear leads to bad decisions
  • Who do you allow in your life?
  • Do woman want sensitive men until the men are sensitive? 

Steve is a mentor and coach to men around the world who want their mojo back. They want self-confidence, sexual confidence and a sense of well-being that has been elusive. Men typically get involved with Steve during a "Death by Female" event in their life that has them questioning everything they ever knew or believed about themselves, women, marriage and intimacy. On the other side of this "death" is a rebirth and whole new perspective of personal power, self-reliance and confidence. It's from here where a man can be in a healthy relationship and create the life he really wants. Find out more at his website.

One of the Books we talked about on the show was Men, Women & Worthiness, check it out below!

My challenge to you this week...

You can listen to the full episode here:

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