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White Rights? A Complex Topic That Is Super Uncomfortable

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Today is a really difficult topic for me in many ways and for many reasons. Mostly, it just doesn’t feel good in my heart and forces me to actually look at material I would rather not look at. However, when I remove my emotions, I have to acknowledge there are some valid points. And after all, my whole shtick is to Think Opposite. So I try to set aside my emotions and see another point of view. How can I ask you to do that if, when confronted with uncomfortable feelings, I don’t consider a different perspective? Because like I ask at the end of every radio show “If you don’t question something, what is the point of believing in it?”

My very good friend, Eddie is an advocate for white rights and introduced me to Simon Roche, who will be a guest on my show in November, if he doesn’t die first in the civil war brewing in South Africa. They both contend that white rights are being ignored at the expense of other rights. And they are not alone. What are white rights? Do white people even have a right to them? I hear a lot that we do not. And yes I am white. I am told that we do not because we are the powerful and the rule makers and therefore every other race suffers at our hands, so our rights are not important. It’s a touchy subject for sure. I imagine many people don’t like to hear what he has to say because let’s face it… it’s uncomfortable

Eddie has mounds of data and gobs of studies to support his beliefs. Some of these include culturally unbiased IQ testing to determine the so-called smarter races from the less smart races. He cites historical examples where mixing races have led to the fall of things like the Roman Empire. While he acknowledges that it’s the cultural ideologies that are to blame and not the individuals themselves, we sadly cannot determine the good from the bad and so all countries should house their “own” and if other cultures decide to immigrate, they should join the rules of the country they are joining.

He argues that Japan is making an effort to keep Japan Japanese and there is no real controversy with that, but for Britain to try that it would be outrageously criticized. He talks about how we, in North America, have to adjust to the customs of those immigrating and it should be the other way around. He would never dream of going to another country with the expectation that they would adjust their employment and laws to accommodate his choices; he would simply live elsewhere. He has spoken to me about how less fortunate countries send their best and brightest away to study, and then they immigrate to a new country. The result of this is that these countries are losing their best and brightest, thus hurting their present state. If all your doctors train abroad and stay abroad who takes care of your sick?

The list of things he talks about felt nauseating to me at first because I have hope that most people are good, that good prevails, that we can all live in a peaceful world, and that we will all make good choices that benefit humankind in the long run. But I cannot escape the fact that those who are not good are causing havoc in the world. Which takes me back to my feelings that this is not a race thing, this is a good vs. bad thing, but then who determines what is good and what is bad?

When I remove my emotions from the information, there is a lot that makes sense to the world and all its citizens. If I don’t think about myself, as a women, or white, or about my friends who are multicultural; if I only think about the data, there is a logic in there that cannot be denied and not just for whites, but for everyone. Asians score the highest on the smart scale, so really whites are a detriment to them. Yet I do get emotional about it and just want us all to hold hands and get along. But that is not happening. People are being murdered because of their race or religion. I am so saddened by what is happening in Venezuela, South Africa, Iran, Syria, Britain… everywhere, even here to a different extent. The things Trump says, and what his supporters say, and what his opponents say… there are so many layers to all of this. When and how can we figure it all out? Are the problems so embedded in our culture that we have no choice but to just watch the world fall apart?

I certainly don’t have the answers, and I know this topic will piss off and alienate some people, but for those of you still here, what do you think? And not just what are you supposed to think… what do you really think? How do we fix this? I am still in the land of unknown when I settle on a thought many other and contradictory thoughts come up and I am back to where I started with unsteady footing. But what I do know is that it’s going to take a lot of people really looking at this situation in order to come to some workable solution because what we have right now is not working.

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