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When Your Spouse Tries to Kill You

with Joy Idries

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When Your Spouse Tries to Kill You with Joy Idries

I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to wake up to someone, let alone a husband, ready to hit me in the head with a hammer. Joy doesn’t have to imagine it, she lived it. Listen to her amazing journey and all that she overcame to move from a victim state to a freedom state.

  • What does your past say about your present and future?
  • What do you attract, that is not serving you, but serving your world view?
  • Where do you get support and is it support that helps you or victimizes you further?
  • How is your need for love being met?
  • Can you be grateful for your deepest sorrow?
  • Are you waiting to get cancer or are you embracing your life now?
  • What do you notice?
  • What happens on your outside doesn’t need to impact your inside.
  • Are you spending time being still?

Author of the book Joy Unleashed, Delightfully Navigating the Path of Awakening, Joy Idries is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and guide who teaches people how to shift out of victim mode to unleash their own true freedom, power and joy. You can find Joy here.

My challenge to you...

Observe it without trying to change it and watch what happens?

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