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The Truth About Relationships

with Eva Love

· Show Summary

The Truth About Relationships with Eva Love

I really enjoy talking to people who are injecting love into the world and Eva Love (yes that is her name) has dedicated her life to helping others with their love life. How fantastic is that? We talked about:

  • Free gift
  • Do you end one relationship and jump into another expecting different results?
  • What level of worthiness do you bring to your relationships?
  • What do your previous, less-than–desirable relationships have in common? Spoiler alert – YOU.
  • What does man/womanhood mean?
  • Are you clear about who you are before you get into a relationship
  • Want a handy dandy  “get back to love” tool you can use to keep your relationships happy?
  • Your wounds are magnets for the relationships you are attracting. Fix the wounds?
  • There will never be peace on earth if there is not peace between men and women.

This week’s guest is Eva Love In 1989 Eva had a profound spiritual experience that shook up everything that she believed about herself, her reality and what she really wanted out of life. She was given techniques that transformed her life within 3 weeks. Eva's life changed so dramatically that everyone around her wanted to have the same. That launched her into teaching and working with clients, leaving her high-powered corporate position. Using these tools, she attracted the Love of Her Life. They’ve been married for 25 enchanting years.

Her Love Miracle System has created extraordinary results. 87% of Eva's single clients are either married or in a committed relationship within 12 months. And 91% of her couple clients are like love-birds again. In the last 29 years Eva has worked with over 7,500 clients.

Eva and her husband, Will, love their lives together in Las Vegas. They have 2 daughters, a son and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

Check Eva out here.

My challenge to you this week...

Give some thought to the part you play in the relationships you have.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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