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What Your Vet Doesn't Know

with Rachel Augusta

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What Your Vet Doesn't Know with Rachel Augusta

WOW.. the things we don’t know about and can learn from our pets! Lucky for us Rachel Augusta is and expert on such things and works with pets and their people to overcome illness, trauma and a myriad of other things.

  • Have you ever thought there is more help for your pet than the vet is providing? (this is not a vet bashing questions… vets do a lot of great work)
  • Have you ever considered that what you thought happened was the wrong thing, but over time realized it was the right thing? How does that change your perspective when shit hits the fan?
  • Are the smells in your house hurting your fur babies? You may be surprised.
  • Plant smells vs. man made smells
  • Are your pets modeling to you how to have a better life? And more importantly are you listening?
  • Your emotions give off a smell to your pets that they react to. What does your emotional perfume smell like?

Rachel is the Modern Dr. Dolittle who works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer with issues from old age or trauma from past abuse.

Check out her YouTube here  

Find her website here. And collect your free audio to help your pets (might help you too!)

Our challenge to you...

See how it may be affecting them.

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