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What Are Your Blind Spots?

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What Are Your Blind Spots?

Often we find ourselves throwing the baby out with the bathwater… we are so blinded by our beliefs that we never take the time to consider our blind spots…

  • We care about the environment, but we don’t ask ourselves about the damage to the environment making and disposing of batteries for electric cars – and what about the cars we sell to buy one?
  • Vegetarian all the way… but what about the massive carbon footprint of avocados and do you know of the toxicity of shelling cashews and the condition those workers endure for our beloved nuts? Let’s save the animal suffering but to hell with the human suffering.
  • Support vaccines but have you looked into ALL vaccines (and conversely anti-vaxers, do you want to tell those contracting polio that they didn’t have to?)

We can’t possible explore all aspects of every topic, but those we feel strongly about? Yep, there are valid arguments on both sides and it behooves us to consider that.

Pass this on to someone who may benefit

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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