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We Learn More From People Who Disagree With Us

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We Learn More From People Who Disagree With Us

We can sit in a room full of people and talk for hours and hours and if we all agree on everything we leave that room exactly the same person with one small exception – we think we are even more right than when we entered the room.


If we were to spend that same time talking to someone who totally disagreed with us and were willing to hear them, try to understand their point of view and their experiences that led them to their beliefs, without trying to convert them to our way of thinking magic happens!

First, our internal worth gets a boost. When we are able to say to ourself “I am whole and complete with or without my beliefs” it allows us to hear a contrary point of view AND stay intact in our worth. We know our beliefs don’t define our worth.

Second, we can entertain the possibility that we could be wrong (we may not be, but we can entertain the thought). This is so powerful in our journey of growth.

Third, we bridge the gap between us and them and damn humanity needs that.

Fourth, we get the gift of “seeing” the other person. Being seen is a fundamental human need – up there with air and water – and when we can see each other we honour each other’s experiences and existence. What a generous act.

Know that when we hear someone else doesn’t mean we have to change our opinion. It just means we are always at choice.

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