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Use the power of your mind to unbox yourself

with Erwin Wils

· Show Summary

I am beginning to think that many of my conversations are moving away from bridging the gap between men’s rights and feminism to just talking about how to be good human beings. I had a delightful show with Erwin Wils who was so generous with all his tips, games and tidbits that assist us into being a better version of ourselves. We chatted about the below topics:

  • Who were you before… you know... before life changed you?
  • Have you ever played the “Yes! Let’s!” game?
  • It’s easy, not simple
  • You have to be odd to be #1
  • How do you get to McDonalds?
  • What colour is it? Does it seem hard or soft?

Erwin Wils, senior managing partner of Powermindcoach and Millionaire Life Strategy, is a life strategist, international speaker and trainer. He uses his coaching, training and transforming skills to uncover hidden potential, so that you can achieve anything your mind can conceive. In other words, he is assisting business owners to get their business (and themselves) to the next level.

My challenge to you is to take the time to really see someone. Pick ONE person and really see beyond what they do, how they look and really see them and then tell them what wonderful things you see.

To learn more about THINK OPPOSITE or to hire Alison to speak or if you want to talk about Men’s Rights and Feminism please email Alison visit www.dominothinking.comor email

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