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Upgrading Consciousness, The Fun Way!

With Amy Huentelman

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Upgrading Consciousness, The Fun Way! With Amy Huentelman

I had the amazing good fortune to meet Amy at a couple of in person events and was just so thrilled to get to spend more time with her on this show. Amy has a way of just bringing happiness energy where ever she goes so it’s a delight to be anywhere near her!

  • What is cellular memory?
  • How do you raise your energy?
  • What parts of your life are holding you back?
  • Do you ever think you know something and then discover another, deeper level?
  • Is what we focus on more a problem than the actual problem?
  • How much does your subconscious run the show?
  • How much time do you spend in your head trying to fix things in your life?

Amy Huentelman the Happiness Generator. She generates happiness and teach others to do the same b/c it's the way to all we love. You can find Amy here and get her free gift of building your happiness AND to find out even more about Amy and go deeper into her work go here.

If you want Amy’s video tutorial you can join our facebook community here.

Stand up, look at the ceiling and take a really deep breath and then blow it out as if there are candles on the ceiling you are trying to put out. Do this TWENTY times (you might think you can’t but you can! I did!) and then when the 20 breaths are done you can look forward and take some slow deep breaths, exhaling naturally to bring you back to the room.

I did this before the show and it’s amazing.. I was all tingly AND happier! It works.

Do it at LEAST once a day but you can also do it every time you need extra energy!

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