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Unraveling The Shit

with Ali Boone

· Show Summary

Have you ever meet someone and thought, “I am totally going to be friends with this person”? You don’t know why but you know. Ali Boone was certainly that for me – and then I found out more about her and and I am now certain we will remain friends. This is the beautiful thing about podcasting; I get to meet people whom I would otherwise never meet. It makes the world a little bit smaller and a little bit more magical.

Ali and I talked about so many things; an hour hardly seemed long enough…

  • What to do when corporate ain’t your bag?
  • The freak out we experience when we launch our own business
  • Is who I am, who I am?
  • Shame and guilt – what does it mean and why does it matter?
  • What happens when you tell someone who thinks they are super shitty that they are not
  • Can we change the system?
  • A person is more than the sum of their parts
  • Would you want to be judged by your worst choice?

Ali Boone is a business owner, traveler, adventurer, former aerospace engineer, pilot, failed go-go dancer, beach bum and she volunteers in prisons working with prisoners to help them come to terms with their choices and to grow in spite of their circumstances. For those of us on the outside, I thank her for the work she does, so that when these men and women get out of prison they are healthier and to some extent healed.

My challenge to you this week is – can you see beyond? Can you meet someone and see beyond his or her label? See beyond how society defines them? See beyond your own judgements and expectations and just hold space to see them as a whole?

You can listen to the full episode here:

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