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Trapped Employee to Free Entrepreneur

with Justin Womack

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Trapped Employee to Free Entrepreneur with Justin Womack

Oh, I love a good story, especially one that shows growth, courage and triumph. Justin Womack was generous enough to speak honestly and openly about his challenges and how he refused to stay in a victim state even though that would have been the easy, albeit unhappy, choice. Because Justin chose to do the work the world is a better place. He could have reverted to a victim state but he chose freedom.

  • What excuses are you making (and we all make them!)?
  • Is there a value misalignment in your life (what you want is not what you are living)?
  • Do you or someone else dictate the parameters of your life?
  • Have you fallen into mediocrity?
  • Does your life feel like a hamster wheel?
  • Are you wishing your life away?
  • Are you evolving or staying the same?

Justin Womack is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, speaker, and podcast host.

His journey from working behind-the-scenes to running his own business fast-tracked after a near-fatal accident where his car rolled upside down, underwater, and he spent two months in the ICU.

Since the accident, he's started his own company (JMack Media), spoken for organizations like Marsh & McLennan and AIG, and launched a top podcast called Marketing Geeks with past guests including Pat Flynn, Dan Lok, and John Lee Dumas.

To connect with Justin go here.

Toastmasters is a great start, or maybe it’s dance lessons, or art class, maybe it’s hiring a trainer or a nutritionist. What have you been postponing because you are scared?

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