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To Be A Man

with Moray Benoit

· Show Summary

I sometimes find guests in the most interesting places. I saw one of Moray’s posts on Facebook and really liked the honesty in his comment and asked if he would be willing to be a guest and lucky for me (and you) he said yes. What a fascinating peek into his experience with divorce, maintenance and access to his children. We talked about:

  • A healthy society needs positive men and women.
  • What happens when you are not happy in your marriage?
  • Is the system set up equally for men and women in divorce and access to children?
  • What happens when you are a visitor in your children’s lives?
  • Can men be faithful?
  • How does maintenance enforcement impact men?
  • Is there a solution?

Moray Benoit is a social activist, writer, father, grandfather, an egalitarian, a man that believes in equality for all people and who promotes healthy people, communities and the world. You can reach him on Facebook.


My challenge to you is to have a conversation with someone from the opposite sex with the intent to understand his or her experience without judgement.


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