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The Rise of the Radicals

· Show Summary

Had a great conversation with Alen today. He is just brilliant at being precise. All too often, myself included, we talk about things without clearly defining exactly what we are talking about. Speaking with Alen gave me an opportunity to be more precise and I appreciate that.

We talked about:

  • Freedom of speech – should we get to talk about anything we want?
  • Feminism – has it achieved anything beyond political equality?
  • Should men’s and women’s rights even be a thing?
  • Where does the value of a person lie? In their skin colour? Gender? Or their conviction and character?
  • Oh, and we solved the whole hiring based on gender and race problem too!

My most favourite part of the conversation was when we talked about the necessity of inequality. Alex contends that in order to have freedom (outside of the political realm) we need inequality and that to gain equality is to gain a slave society. I am inclined to agree.

We are quite quick to want the best surgeon operating on us without giving much thought to the poor inadequate surgeon that no one really wants to have in the operating room. Why don’t we apply that logic to all things? We want to hire the very best. Full Stop! Not the person that has been perceived to be held back based on race, religion or gender – we want the best. What is the problem with that? Why is it so hard for us to apply that thinking across the board? Is it beneficial for a Prime Minister to have 50% men and 50% women in his cabinet? Why should that matter? What if they can’t do the job the best? Would you want your hospital to hire based on gender rather than skill? I wouldn’t. If I don’t want it in my hospital I certainly don’t want it in my government where the people there are deciding the fate of my country, taxes, social support etc.

My challenge to you this week is to really think about where you have inconsistencies in your thinking. If you think that reverse discrimination or rather affirmative action is beneficial then I challenge you to make sure your next surgeon is selected based on race or gender not skill.

Alen White is a radical individualist and objectivist. He is a write and philosopher and the creator of the Man Made Podcast and has a YouTube Channel.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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