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The #MenNeedSpaceToo Movement

with Amanda Biccum

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The #MenNeedSpaceToo Movement with Amanda Biccum

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda and talking with her about the amazing work she is doing with men that benefits everyone. I love her inclusive approach and how when we help each other we help ourselves and the world just keeps getting better. We talked about:

  • Why do women work more on themselves than men do?
  • What does asking for help look like?
  • Where are the male role models
  • What ideas have you adopted with your knowledge or permission around men?
  • We are all in this together
  • Stop pointing fingers, look at our expectations (aka pre-meditative resentments) and up our compassion.

This weeks guest, Amanda Biccum, is a holistic health and mindfulness coach for men. She helps men step into their highest and best version of themselves through overcoming old patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that keep them from stepping into their fullest potential.

Today’s show is called The #Menneedspacetoo Movement - Reconnecting Mankind.

You can find Amanda at her website.

My challenge to you this week...

Ask questions about their experience, dreams desires.. I don’t care but just talk with the intention to understand their experience. You may be surprised by how it changes you for the better.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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