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The Irresponsible Use of Sperm Initiative

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I have been thinking a lot about the Trump / Pro Choice debate that has been going on. I can’t help but think that after ALL these years there hasn’t been an alternative offered up to the abortion debate. Seriously, are we ever going to stop flogging that poor horse?

I am proposing an alternative. One that will be easier to monitor and will shift accountability to the people that are trying to take women’s rights away, so that they really will be able to control things, and make choices for the OWN gender. In the long term, my alternative will be more effective, because really, if a woman gets an abortion there is nothing stopping her from getting pregnant again. Yes, there are some imperfections but remember it is a work in progress and there are far fewer problems with my alternative than with what pro-life/pro-choice presents.

My idea goes something like this.

  • Pass legislation to make it mandatory for ALL men to have vasectomies.

    • We can make it like a coming of age ceremony

  • Allow some men based on IQ, physical stature, excellent health (after all we don’t want faulty sperm), ethnicity etc. to keep their “boys” intact.

    • This will take some research because we want to think about what is best for the future of humanity. I wouldn’t suggest rushing this part.

  • All the men chosen will supply sperm banks so that ALL pregnancies will be supervised

    • This is a fantastic way to educate potential parents on good parenting methods

  • IF a woman gets pregnant outside of the sperm bank, the man will be charged with irresponsible use of sperm and will be immediately processed for a vasectomy.

    • He will only have this infraction once making it far more reliable than abortions.

  • That’s it…. Simple

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