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The Inequality of Equality

with Alen White

· Show Summary

Love having repeat guests who really make me think about things! Alen White joined me again to talk about so many things left unsaid during our last interview because we ran out of time. We made up for it this time and boy oh boy Alen really makes me get uncomfortable with considering different perspectives and I love it! A few of the topics we addressed are below:

  • Annual Man Made Day
  • How to have a happy life through critical thought
  • How evasion of topics is a momentary death wish
  • The celebration of inequality
  • Inequality = freedom
  • Downfall of political correctness
  • How racism implies lack of free will
  • Feminism is reverse sexism
  • Nike is the sweatshop hero

I applaud Alen’s courage of talking about things that, while they make a lot of sense, are politically incorrect and tough conversations to have.

Alan White is a radical individualist and Objectivist. He is a writer and philosopher, and the creator of The Man Made podcast, a dramatic philosophic podcast about the awe, beauty, and wonder of the man made.

You can find Alen onYouTube, Facebook and The Man Made Podcast.

My challenge to you this week is to suspend your belief about equality and ponder what a world would look like if everyone were equal. Here is an articlefor you to think about regarding equality in its extreme but not so crazy contemplation.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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