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The Domino Effect of Sex Problems with Jacqui Olliver

Let’s talk about sex again!

Sex is one of those topics that impacts all of us and yet we don’t talk about it and when we don’t talk about it we may not be able to access all the joy it has to offer. Jacqui is an amazing source of information and has solutions to pretty much any question or challenge you may have

  • Porn and romance novels are not good teachers
  • What part of your life is negatively impacting your enjoyment around sex?
  • 80% of women have ‘t had an orgasm (what?)
  • Are you just putting in time with sex waiting for it to end or actually embracing the experience?
  • Why has sex become harder to enjoy?
  • What is the impact of online dating?
  • Do men and women need different things from sex?

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist at End the Problem, Jacqui Olliver has helped thousands of people restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives. Her unique views and insights on sexual function, human psychology and emotions are heralded as having the potential to change the universal perspective on health and relationships.

Find out more here or get access to an ebook here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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