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Thank you President Trump

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Thank you, President Trump.


I have to say my relationship with Trump getting elected has been interesting. I first thought it was a great idea and then I didn’t and then I really didn’t!


To be honest I don’t know a lot about politics. I know that never are things as simple as they seem. I know there is history, back room arrangements, promises and many things I cannot fathom. So mostly my relationship has stemmed from headlines and feelings. Not always the best way to develop opinions but certainly the popular way.


But what I have come to believe is that Trump has given us a gift. The gift of no longer being able to keep our heads in the sand and ignore the world problems and irresponsibly trust that the “powers that be” will keep everything running more or less smoothly.


But since Trump’s presidency things have happened to us.

  • Women have started to look at their place in the world in a different, perhaps more realistic light.

  • Questioning around immigration and the plausibility of wall building has happened extensively

  • Interest in politics that had been previously waning has changed and decision and positions are being looked at more closely and critically

  • Polarization has become an epidemic we are being forced to look at

  • Tough conversations are happening

  • People are being unfriended and long term relationships are being ended and this is a sad side effect that indicates we need to look at how we look at relationships.

There seems to be an awakening.


An energy that is propelling us to grow and wake up and take some responsibility of what is happening in our world.


Granted Trump didn’t intend for these things. These things didn’t happen because he reached out to connect and make a positive impact. But Trump did create the space, created the circumstances, said things that irritated people that caused the change and for that I thank him.


We are growing up.


We have the choice to bitch and complain about him or stand behind his ideas without question but that will get us nowhere. OR we can ride the wave of this awakening, stand up, fist pump and say “this is what I believe to be true and this is how I want the world I live in to be”


I think it’s pretty exciting

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