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Stop Speaking Your Truth

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I had the opportunity to speak to the thought provoking Jonathan Bender, who has coached, taught workshops around public speaking and authentic performances to thousands of professionals for over 20 years. The founder of Wholespeak and the creator of Connection Jams, he cares about helping you connect authentically and powerfully with your true voice so you can have a bigger impact on the world.

Jonathan and I spoke about connection and what that means. Just because we are connected through technology are we really connected? We spoke about him being a feminist and me not being one and the different waves of feminism. We explored the concept of taking responsibility of our choices and not taking things that happened to us so personally.

What is the truth? One person’s version? From one vantage point? Do we really know what the truth is and what is true for us today may not be true tomorrow? What about when we use “I am just speaking my truth” as a way to give ourselves permission to be rude?

Perhaps just talking about our experience is the way to go.

Join in to listen to all the great things Jonathan has to say and check out this free course – Your True Voice he has to offer. I know I will!

You can find out more about Jonathan at

I think it’s important that we start to check in with ourselves whenever possible for #mypart before looking at what someone else is doing. When we look at #mypart first, we get to move to a place of ownership over our lives and our choices. I don’t know about you but I want to fully embrace and take credit for the life that I have, even when it’s not perfect because it’s my life and it’s the only one I know for sure I get.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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