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Stepping off the Edge into Energy-Based Living

with Ildiko Spinfisher

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Stepping off the Edge into Energy-Based Living with Ildiko Spinfisher

Oh man I love learning about new (to me) modalities! Ildiko has such a beautiful way of focusing on energy and was so great to talk with her about that.

  • What would happen if you relied on the power of your energy as well as your mind?
  • You can’t hide your energy
  • Did you know the root of most resistance is fear?
  • Have you gotten to the point where you have had enough of your discomfort?
  • Do you hand over the responsibility of your happiness to something external?
  • Is that which is causing you pain actually what you think it is?
  • How can you set up your day to be energetically positive?
  • Do you want a tool to help increase your positive energy?

Tune in as we address all of these things.

And in the wisdom of Ildiko, “ life can be less complicated than you are making it!”

Ildiko SpinFisher is the Founder of Life Retuning, a psychological, energy-based,

modality which side-steps the mind. She is known as the Quantum Wizard due to her renowned skill in achieving results using bioenergetic data. She specializes in working with Entrepreneurs and businesses, transforming dead-end thinking and self-sabotaging behaviour with her unique techniques. Ildiko is passionate about teaching healthy energy-awareness especially in our ever-increasing technological world, Ildiko runs international online courses, masterclasses and presentations as well as working in her global private practice.

Find out more about Ildiko here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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