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Should I Stay Or Should I Go

with Eileen Head

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go with Eileen Head

Oh, relationships! There is the illusion of what they are and then there is the reality of what they are! Eileen Head helps people navigate their relationships (or plan for one in the future) through first understanding themselves through Enneagrams.

  • Are you struggling with your relationships?
  • Do you feel not good enough?
  • Do you give away your power in your relationships?
  • Have you ever taken an Enneagram?
  • What beliefs did you create (or were created for you) in your childhood that you are still holding onto?
  • What’s your impact?

Couples hire Eileen to live a Juicier life and Get Loved The Way They Need…because…at times most couples feel trapped, powerless and unloved. I help them re-engage, re-connect, and rejuvenate their relationship…and take their love much deeper.

Singles hire me to attract the love of their life and identify their unique relationship gifts... because they can sabotage possibilities, feel insecure, and be unclear of their ideal mate. I help them identify what makes them a loving partner, avoid dating mistakes and become confident to Date Smarter.

The Bottom Line: Until YOU understand your own personality, how you feel loved…and how to be a loving partner…you will continue to struggle instead of living a juicer, happier life!

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