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Is it possible to live in a world where we are ONLY judged by how we contribute? Oh wait, we would then be segregated based on who contributed what, how much and with whom.

Ok, let me rephrase. How about if we just stopped seeing people other than just people. Would that work? Hmm… perhaps that would work better.

Is it possible to live in a world where we just saw people as people? If they were good at a job, they got hired. If they were bad at a job, they got fired. Everyone was paid based on his or her contribution. If their love for someone was reciprocated, they could marry without question. If they believed in a specific god that was their business, and they could speak openly with someone who disagreed with their view. The elderly were given respect, and seen as wise. Children were celebrated for their innocence. Art was as important as science. War was a thing of the past.

Is it possible?

Would you want that? Could you give up the benefits you receive based on your gender, race or age? Are those benefits worth giving up?

If yes, then what are you doing to achieve that? What is your part in making or not making this happen? What is one step you could take to make that happen?

If no, why? What would you lose if all those things existed? What would be the downside for you?

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