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Rape Happens

with Naomi Woodyatt

· Show Summary

Rape Happens with Naomi Woodyatt

Naomi Woodyatt was trying to get home to Canada last September from Cork Ireland for her father’s funeral.

She was sorting out some passport details in Dublin in order to come home when she stopped for a drink at the bar at her hotel.

A clean cut “engineer” sat down and in a non-flirty way asked to have a drink with her.

Next thing she knew she woke up in a hotel room, raped, scarred and bruised with her offender sitting on the bed next to her and who proceeded to rape her again before leaving.

She is here to tell her story to bring light to how easy this can happen to anyone.

Tune in for the rest of her story.

If you don’t question something what is the point of believing it?

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