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Racism Isn't Always Racial

with Julio Briones

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Racism Isn't Always Racial with Julio Briones

Having a point of view that is not popular can be really hard… being the person who always has that not popular point of view can be even harder. It takes courage to have tough conversations and I am always happy to hear Julio Briones’s opinion on hot topics.

  •  is your point of view more important or more right than someone else's?
  • are we using race and poverty to control people
  • what is the relationship between BLM, KKK, Proud Boys and Black Panthers?
  • what do you really know?
  • are the events of the world a smokescreen?
  • what roles does the breakdown of family play in today’s world?

And in the words of Julio “If It doesn’t make sense, odds are it’s not true”.

Julio's view of the world isn't always what would be expected, his varied experiences in life have taught him the value of free thought, asking questions and learning to admit he isn't always right. He isn't always agreed with, but that never stops him from speaking his truth.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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