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Racial Equity Will Never Happen

with Treste Loving

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Racial Equity Will Never Happen with Treste Loving

I was fortunate to meet Treste at a summit and we totally hit It off. What I loved most about her (and there are many things I adore about her but If I had to pick one) it is her ability to discuss race with the willingness to create change. I find Treste fascinating and feel so fortunate to have her on my show for a second time.

* what are you learning from your environment?

* should we be colour blind?

* how do you navigate race?

* when you see something you disagree with do you say something?

* when you talk about race what are you really trying to say?

* does It matter If a crime Involves a white or black person?

* can you take the focus off someone’s outsides long enough to see their Insides?

Treste’s wise comment “right is right even if no one agrees”.

She spent 26 years in the U.S. Navy. Treste uses her awesome skills and talents to work with police and sheriffs’ departments helping them with internal and external race relationships. She has over 25 years of experience in race relations and diversity. Treste provides the framework for the departments to improve teamwork, create stronger community connection and work environment where everyone can thrive.

You can email Treste directly or check out her website here.

Stop compartmentalizing into race. Focus on the crime not the colour. Focus on the accomplishment not the colour. Stop looking for “facts” that support the stereotype and start seeing the person in front of you.

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