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Racial Equality Will Never Exist

with Trest​é Loving

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Racial Equality Will Never Exist with Trest​é Loving

It is no surprise that Trest​é last name is Loving. First, I loved her the moment I met her but more importantly she leads with love.

  • Are your experiences similar or different to those who live in other countries?
  • Are you questioning what you have been told?
  • Is curiosity part of your repertoire? 
  • What is your socialization around race?
  • How are you compartmentalizing people?
  • Who does us vs. them benefit?
  • Are you twisting what is being said to serve your narrative or are you accepting it at face value?
  • And as Trest​é so beautifully says “wrong is wrong even if everyone one is doing it and right is right even if no one else is doing it”

Trest​é Loving is President & Founder of ​The Institute for Racial Equity®, a law enforcement training program dedicated to improving Race relations between law enforcement professionals and their communities. ​With over 25 years of global expertise, Tresté utilizes her military experience and dynamic speaking style to dismantle unconscious biases and stereotypes, combating discriminatory and prejudiced behaviors from the root. The result? Lasting organizational improvements, including an end to profiling tendencies.

Find out more about her here.

Want to find out your black/white bias? Try this exercise that Harvard put out here.

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