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On the Other Side of Consent: Connection and Pleasure

with Tanille Geib

· Show Summary

I was really looking forward to this show. I heard Tanille speak at an event earlier this year and I really enjoyed her no nonsense enthusiastic approach to talking about consent. I have to admit that the idea of always getting consent sounded a bit of a downer, but not the way Tanille walks about it! These are some of the things we talked about:

  • #metoo
  • Enthusiastic consent
  • Who is responsible for consent?
  • Multi-levels of cues around consent
  • How to make consent sexy
  • Disposability of new age dating
  • Yes to a safe word but what about having a GO word?
  • Difference between need and want

Tanille Geib is a Lover of Humans. She is a sexual health facilitator & curriculum developer, advocate, community leader, creative producer, erotic artist, writer, director, filmmaker, yoga teacher, intimacy coach, and birth doula. Tanille has always been passionate about pleasure, critical thinking, healthy expression of oneself, and the human condition. She has studied human sexuality in all the brilliant facets it has to offer for almost 10 years now. Since publishing her erotic creative non-fiction cookbook Love & Cookingin 2013, and her Sexuality Salon Series in Vancouver 3 years ago, she has taken on curriculum development for a youth program focusing healthy relationships and sexuality. Since 2015 she has been developing and facilitating adult workshops/art projects for healthier connections to oneself, community, society, media, and romantic partners all over North America.

My challenge to you is to start to understand your own desires and then clearly communicate them with others to match up mutual needs. Take responsibility for your part in your happiness, body and consent.

To learn more about THINK OPPOSITE or to hire Alison to speak or if you want to talk about Men’s Rights and Feminism please email Alison visit www.dominothinking.comor email

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