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No Limits - Mental Endurance & the Resilient Mindset

with Leah Goldstein

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No Limits - Mental Endurance & the Resilient Mindset with Leah Goldstein

You know, sometimes you are the person who makes the impact and sometimes you are the one impacted. With Leah, I was the one impacted. I heard her speak a few years ago at an event and have been inspired ever since. She had no idea who I was (why would she?) and yet her message and her journey landed with me in such a strong way that I have been telling people about her ever since! To me, she is the epitome of overcoming obstacles and refusing to be a victim.

So, imagine my delight when she agreed to be on my show.

  • What challenges to you have that are holding you back?
  • Mental strength is what diverts bullying
  • Is your best support group you?
  • How far will you go for your worth?
  • Are you going to have “I wish / what if” statements on your deathbed?
  • How do you crawl out of your deep hole?

Leah Goldstein will enlighten you to become aware of your own mental toughness, elevate your expectations and create an attitude around a winning mindset. Her message is powerful. She speaks to determination and resolution. Her journey of adventure, harrowing obstacles, personal and societal challenges has a lasting impact. Leah speaks to the issues surrounding discrimination, abuse, and bullying and empowers all who hear her message to strive to live their lives without limits. Leah Goldstein draws on her background as a World Kickboxing Champion, Krav Maga Instructor for the Israeli Elite Commandos and Ultra Endurance Pro Cyclist as well as her love for youth in taking on these vital issues and powerful interests. Leah Goldstein is a mighty messenger.

You can reach her here.

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