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New Politics in Puerto Rico: From Disaster to Hope

with Annette Jimenez

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New Politics in Puerto Rico: From Disaster to Hope with Annette Jimenez

The thing I love most about travelling is the people you meet along the way. I was in Costa Rica last year and had the fortune of meeting Annette while climbing a volcano! Loved her from the get go and am happy to help get awareness out about Puerto Rico and the passion Annette has for her home.

  • Puerto Rico exists in the grey. Not really part of the USA not really independent
  • The “grey” leaves an undefined people
  • What happens when citizens thing “there is no use to care, vote, trust”?
  • Hurricane Maria in 2017 was the first turning point in the unrest
  • The private email mocking women, homosexuals and those who died in the hurricane and the year that followed was leaked
  • 2019 had peaceful protest resulting in the resignation of Rossello

In the wise words of Annette “if government doesn’t represent you, govern yourself”

Born 51 years ago in a small coastal Puerto Rican town, Annette completed a bachelor’s degree in science from University of Puerto Rico. After a successful 20-year career in the local pharmaceutical industry, she decided to pursue her passion for promoting physical activity. In 2010 Annette established the VidaSalud brand, under which she offers physical activity consultation services, physical fitness personalized assessments, personal training, and group classes. Annette is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (“ACSM”) and completed a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Annette is also a collaborator in local scientific research, in various professional organizations and in Puerto Rican Paralympic Movement. Recently, Annette accepted the challenge to be available for running as a political candidate under Citizens Victory Movement (“Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana”), a new political organization founded after the massive protests in Summer 2019, which led to the resignation of former governor Ricardo Rosselló. Annette is married and has three children.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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