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Never Give Up Your Awesomeness

with Ron Kaiser

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Never Give Up Your Awesomeness with Ron Kaiser

You know sometimes you meet someone and there is no reason why you feel so connected and appreciative of who they are. I feel this way about Dr. Ron Kaiser. He is truly a fabulous human and his positive nature is contagious. He inspires me to be a better person.

  • Are people making assumptions about your age?
  • Are you going to enjoy getting older or just run out the clock?
  • Do you have good role models of people who age like rock stars?
  • Do you talk more about your illnesses than your happiness?
  • Do you have positive or negative thoughts about getting older?
  • Do you tap into the “helpers high” when helping others? It’s real, you might want to tap into it!
  • What stories are you believing about getting old?

Dr. Ron Kaiser is a positive health psychologist and author of the Amazon best-seller, REJUVENAGING: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm. He has developed Goal-Achieving Psychology - a concept that focusing on maintaining your awesomeness regardless of age, health, or negative circumstances that have impacted upon your life. You can find his website and book here! And take advantage of his free membership!!!

Our challenge to you...

To slow down the getting old gene!

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