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Much Ado About Grief

with Sarah Nannen

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Much Ado About Grief with Sarah Nannen

Grief is such a taboo topic and I am so grateful to Sarah for her willingness to pull back the curtain and talk about grief openly and honestly.

  • Have you been labelled and what does that mean?
  • Have you labelled yourself and what does that mean?
  • Who is there for you when you have nothing?
  • Who are you there for when they have nothing?
  • Pain vs. suffering
  • What are you terrified of being seen as?
  • What is your silver lining?
  • Do the next thing next
  • Can you access neutrality?
  • What do you need to ask for?
  • Start where you are.

Sarah Nannen is a keynote speaker, empowerment coach and author. She became a military widow and solo mom of four young children in 2014 when her husband died in an aviation accident. Sarah's journey through grief opened her eyes to a renegade way of living life, beyond just surviving the ride, that now informs her work with people breaking through limitation in the face of painful life transitions to live extraordinary lives. Connect with Sarah here.

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