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Millionaire's Lawyer

with JP McAvoy

· Show Summary

Millionaire's Lawyer with JP McAvoy

Sometimes I get a guest on my show just because I like them and not quite sure where the show is going to go… but it’s always good to mix it up. JP was certainly game and we ended up have a really terrific show! Loved how we contrast of our approaches, but yet it’s compatible too!

  • What is your part in your relationship – the good, bad and ugly!
  • Are you letting your pain justify being vindictive?
  • Are you being short-sighted in your divorce?
  • What is your perspective on co-habitation agreements or pre-nups?
  • Are you getting caught in the vindictive game?
  • Is your hurt or anger consuming your life?

Final thought from JP: get advice and don’t delay!

JP McAvoy is the founder and Managing Partner of Conduct Law and practices corporate and commercial law; and is also a business consultant with CPLS, P.A. He acts for clients buying, selling, and starting up businesses. J.P. represents a diverse range of corporations in Canada, the United States, and Asia.

In addition, JP is the host of a The Millionaire’s Lawyer, a 5 star rated podcast on a range of topics from business, legal and accounting perspectives.

Reach JP here and check out his podcast here.

It’s hard to hate someone and have good thoughts about them at the same time.

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