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Men Too: Unspoken Truths

with Dr. Kelli Pafy

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Men Too: Unspoken Truths with Dr. Kelli Pafy

Such an important topic and am so grateful for the work Dr. Kelli Palfy is doing in the world to raise awareness around sexual abuse of men and boys.

  • Why don’t men report sexual abuse?
  • How do they cope?
  • What are the stats of male victims of rape? 
  • 1 in 6 boys under the age of 16 have report sexual abuse, considering those who keep quiet it may be equal to that of women.
  • How do we change this pattern of silence?
  • What part does shame play?

Dr. Kelli Palfy began her career working in corrections. Here she noticed a disproportionate number of males in the system. After she become an RCMP officer, who specialized in sex crimes committed against children. Now she is a psychologist who specializes in adult male survivors of sexual abuse. She wrote a book that highlights grooming tactics commonly used by pedophiles and discusses the reasons boys and men so seldom report their abuse.

As Dr. Kelli Palfy says

“ Do the right thing not the popular thing”

To reach out by email to Kelli go here.

To order her book on amazon go here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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