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Men - How Anger, Sexual Frustration and Shame are our allies

with Ryan Thomas

· Show Summary

Today I spoke with Ryan Thomas who has been on my show twice in the past. I love the work that Ryan is doing around men and sexuality and really making once taboo topics accessible. We spoke about:

  • The ‘manosphere’
  • The pros and cons of pick-up artistry
  • Shadow sexuality
  • Anger, sexual frustration and shame (Surprise! Given the title of the show)
  • Internal worth
  • How Ryan moved from hating women to understanding himself

Ryan is an 11-year army veteran who suffered from sexual dysfunction, sexual shame and low self-esteem. Now, after years of personal growth and exploration, he helps men balance their spine and their hearts to become better lovers, and powerful partners. Check out his website and get on the list to find out more about his upcoming workshops – live and online.

My challenge to you is to explore your relationship with anger, sexual frustration or shame and see how you can turn it from a negative to positive. How you can use it as a way to define your self-worth rather than allow it to be destructive.

To learn more about THINK OPPOSITE or to hire Alison to speak or if you want to talk about Men’s Rights and Feminism please email Alison visit www.dominothinking.comor email

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